Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What To Do When Boss Kick You Out Untimely

Your world certainly down, especially when you have lots to pay, yet one day your boss is just informing you that, "sorry we don't need your service anymore," Such morning would somewhat a death of everything on you. However, you could not change everything, you don't have job anymore, and you have to start your life, with nothing at all. Of course, your reaction would be, should I cry, shout or anything, just to voice all the pain? You may, but always think the next step you can do.

It is a great painful reality, which I also experience, being kicked out untimely, with no advance information about it. wow! what a miserable life that can be. Anyhow, we just need to be broad minded and ready, for any possibility, the positive one to come in our way. After a loss, there must definitely something to come in our way. We should not be easily discourage, because surely after, an agony happiness will come again.

Moreover, the important thing to do, when your boss informing you about losing a job, from their office is that. Don't prick, absorb the bad news, inhale and exhale and think clearly. Of course, its not easy but would you allow yourself, to become a grease man, because of too much thinking, and your brain become lazy and malfunctioning? very bad consequences you don't deserve to become like that, yet help also yourself, to avoid such circumstances. There are already people, who had been desperate, after losing their job and worst have lost their good mentality, because of not able to accept the frustration. Anyhow, we'll just pray to God especially, in order to have good mind and healthy thinking.

When your boss fire you out. Keep on smiling, even your flesh and all over mind as well as you body are shaking, of pain or something like, shocked with the bad news, yet just let the news comes inside your brain, yet ready yourself. Its' not easy I know, I feel it however, we can't help it anymore. All we need now, is to face the reality, think what would be the best thing, to do next, and have a lots of prayer. God will bless us all!