Friday, November 14, 2008

The Senator whom I Admired so Much, Joker Arroyo

My interest in politics started when I was at the age of 12 or 14, when I heard my parents talked about this man Joker or Joke Joke Arroyo, who was then that time running as senator during and after the deposed late president, Ferdinand Marcos. My parents talked about him, as a man of dignity and principle, until I came to learn him more, when I’ve reached the legal age to vote. I never missed his name to be my number on my list, because of his exceptional brilliant and wow! a crispy English words coming from his mouth. He never had mistaken to utter them, grammatically correct, that I wish I will be like him, even just a little bit. And yes that is true, we had a little similar, but not the way, he express himself, but his birthday. He he he, at least we had a little thing in common.

During the impeachment process to another disembarked Philippine president, Joseph Estrada, Arroyo played the great role to lead and search the truth about the scandals and unfaithfulness per se of the president in the country. And the way, he handled it, and search anything about , impressed me more, especially when he got loss his temper, it awe me so much because, it would come out again his very good English language, that likely become his natural tongue. Not only that, he had shown his expertise in the field of laws, his respectful dignity and of course being and having a brilliant mind.

It was been a dream to me, to write about my favorite senator, and am so thankful with the innovation of blog, through internet because it gives me a chance to express all my sentiments about everything under the sun, especially with regards to my senator, Joke Arroyo.

Once, someone wanted to ruin his image, through Lozada sensation, however with a great respect on him, it wasn’t able to drag him down. For people knowledge about this man has a foundation of strong conviction in his good credibility on being a good man, and a person of principle and kinds. It doesn’t make me doubt about him, but instead with the man Lozada. It was his mistake somehow, dragging every person. I wish one thing at a time for him, if he really wanted to attack. Anyway, whatever the attacking techniques done against this man, Joker Arroyo, however, it never shaken my belief in him, because he was then before, still he remained as he was before. In his age, I trusted in him, and in his year consuming to keep his image at the right track, it could not be ruined by just a peso.

Joker Arroyo is the top senator on my list. God will bless good people, just like the Philippine senator, Joke Arroyo.

Hooked With Sacajawea Through Anna Lee Waldo

It was a great opportunity to meet Anna Lee Waldo, through her book about the life and journey of Sacajawea, the Shoshone princess who was been captured, after the killing of her parents by other tribe. Her life is such a sorrowful, but with grate courage and being a strong woman, which somehow affects my inner being, wishing to be like her. I never know, if some of them were really true, however the way Miss Waldo presenting the story, it is amazingly convincing and agreeable, for Sacajawea story definitely hooked me up on her life, love, perseverance and respectful dignity.

From her life story too, it adds my knowledge about the political adventure of the country, which had been known as the New World, before an Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, where the country was named after him, and there must be another interesting story behind that, why the U.S. from being the New World, was named after the Italian explorer. Why not instead Sacajawea? Just curious, by the way. Whatever, there must be a great purpose. Anyway, Sacajawea in her story was also been involved to some political endeavor of the country, especially when she became a tour guide for Clark and Lewis brothers, the explorer too, under the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson the third president of the U.S. in 18th century. Such, novel written by this Anna Lee Waldo is not only making the readers entertained, but also in put some knowledge and valuable information. It is unquestionable effort, Waldo had written about Sacajawea. The book has a thick bound and number of pages you will be flipping, yet still not enough and had satisfied me, there still more information that I wishes to learn, especially about the present generation of the Sacajawea.

Her life has full on sacrifices and pain, especially with the hands of Toussaint Charbonneau, who happened to be her husband, after the game, which Sacajawea was then the bet. It was a great pain on her, having a life partner like such man, who is full of insecurities over his wife and likewise of greed and unkind. Sacajawea story maybe has a sorrowful life journey, but her courage and perseverance are an influencing factor that can somehow make other woman wishes to have the same fate on love and survival. Anyway at the end of her life, she received recognition of heroism through writing her story that impact to anyone’s life, like mine.

Savajawea novels of Anna Lee Waldo really hooked me and gave me and experience like what the Shoshone princess had, because her story connected my mind and emotion to her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm in-loved with Jean M. Auel

I really love reading, because it is my passion. It is my empty shield that every time, I need to take a break from pain and stress, I may just get my pocket books, and have a ride nowhere, depends on where my reading has taken me into. There are different books I've reading, such as reader's digest, which I love so much too, in fairness, work of Anne Rice, Virginia Andrews, the writer of the novel about Sacagawea, other authors of life and family novels and lastly but not the least, my loved Jean M. Auel in her Earth's Children, the series book of Ayla and Anjolar. This story is really fascinating me. It made me cry, laugh, angry and in-love too? Of course, I am always in-love.

What makes me interested with the story is that, I’ve also learned about the characteristic of animals. Are those all true? I wish, he he he am doubt, sorry. But I want to be a female, lion. I wish too, that the story of Ayla is really true. She such an admirable woman, with courage, strength and persevere with all the pain she has been encountered. I can even relate to her, but not all because she also has a character that I don’t like somehow. Anjolar in other hand is a kind of man who is womanizer, stubborn and hard to get with Ayla. Sometimes, it makes me dislike him. And even, portraying someone, who always hurt me and made me cry, yet I loved so much. Sigh, where is he?

Jean M. Auel in other hand has a talent. Wow! I wish I can be a writer like her, but don’t wanna be equally good to her, because she’s really good. I like the way, she presented the story, that it really made me impulsive and compulsive. When Ayla has moving something for emergency, my feet also were moving and even made my breath difficult, while reading the five book series. But there are also parts of the story, which I don’t like, the sensual part. It is very much demonstrative that it made me to skip it though I wish I don’t. But in general they’ really are good. Jean M. Auel, means a talent of writing novels.

I don’t want to forget someone, named Karsten from Germany too. He’s a good man, a stranger but being nice to me, because he sent to me the fourth book of Jean, “The Plains Of Passage.” Thank you my friend, wherever you are and whoever you are, I am so grateful and been thankful to you for giving me such beautiful book, and also candies that you wanted me to eat, while reading. I hope you’re in good health. Honestly, I read the book for just a day.

Well, all the novels that I had been read are beautiful, however the work of Jean M. Auel has really capturing my heart. It gave me information about other things, especially about nature, animal nature, the people at the early age, their characters, their way to survive, racial discrimination and a lot more. It is informative and seems reality. The earth’s children series of Jean M. Aule are books of knowing about people from the other side of the world, the mammoth which even I haven’t able to see them personally it seems I had seen them already.

You will be in-loved with Jean M. Auel too, when you tried to read her work. Because after reading them, I really in-loved with her and admired her so much.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Essence Of Friendship

I used to start a conversation to every strangers whom I felt can be a friend of mine, even in a short span of time, and while we are still together in the journey we’ve taken through a bus, at a ship or to any situation that I can be with the crowd. It was a great experience to talk with them, laugh with them out of nothing, as well as knows their personal background and even history when chances are obvious to grab in knowing them beyond any person can learn about her or him. Some acquaintances lasts, sometimes it would only for that day, but whatever, the lessons that I’ve got from such conversation has remains in me, and would never be vanished from the memory of my brain, because it was my experience with other people, with the stranger who touches my inner being. I learned people, I learned too about myself, our differences, what is mine that she doesn’t have and vis-à-vis.

However, making conversation along the road doesn’t mean a friendship to me, because friendship in my own opinion is about opening yourself to others that takes times before I can trust her, and about knowing herself too, with no lies and pretensions. Without taking advantage but only a willingness to share your life. Friendship anyhow is difficult to find in this world, in fact, I might know almost a hundred of people, but I never know who really they are? Therefore, I never have friends. There is absolutely no friends in this world, because they completely don’t know about me, I have secrets that I couldn’t share, because of fears. There really no friendship in this world, no other but just one, with Jesus.

The essence of friendship can only be found through JESUS, he has all the qualities, the attributes of the essence on friendship. He will never be faltered and would not be failed in you. You can confide your secret, and He corrects you when you are wrong. You might be angry, but He never will. That’s the true essence of friendship. You can never find anywhere but just with Him. Find the true meaning of friendship, just through your best and real friend, JESUS!

Conversation with strangers, anyhow might not lead into friendship, but it doesn’t mean, it can also be wasted and just no value, because the opportunity to have them around is a gift of time that your real friend, Jesus given unto you. It is not an incident, it has purpose to reveal that He really cares for you, and He doesn’t want you to be alone at the middle of the crowd. Strangers are not your friend, but they are a gift that you can learn for life. They are gift, so we still have to value them and treasure the rest of our lives. The essence of friendship is about being around; even He can’t be seen in your naked eyes, but the million eyes of the heart, He is there. The essence of friendship is only Him.